Logistics & Procurement Manager

Logistics & Procurement Manager Vacancy

As the Logistics & Procurement Manager, you will be responsible for the management of stock planning/purchases, vendor liaison, warehouse and logistics functions.

  • Managing vendors through a small team to ensure that the correct level of stock is maintained ensuring sales demands are fulfilled and expenditure is controlled.
    • Provide guidance on best practice sourcing to the organisation.
    • Ensuring the provision of accurate cost information is available for sales decision on new product introduction
    • Keeping up-to-date about customers’ needs and expectations.
    • Execution of sourcing plans, especially the implementation of change programs involving new suppliers or spend practice.
    • Reporting against targets within procurement and the business.
  • Management of the warehouse, its systems and staff to ensure goods are received, controlled and product shipped to meet customer demands.
    • Ensuring that available storage meets sales and stock-holding demands – managing costs vs relevant stock levels. Controlling and reporting on stock-turns and slow moving stock.
    • Ensuring that the product is delivered in the most economical and efficient method possible.
    • Control of UK despatch entities in terms of contracts and performance.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Develop, lead and execute procurement strategies
  • Determine the quantity and timing of deliveries
  • Monitor and forecast upcoming levels of demand
  • Implement procurement strategies to maintain the security of supply and  value for money
  • Provide periodic reporting for management on purchasing, controls and processes
  • Assess, manage and mitigate risks
  • Develop workflow processes in line with software systems
  • Management of small teams with varied experience
  • Planning of warehouse requirements through analysis of critical path and regular stock inventories


  • Familiarity with vendor management
  • Knowledge of warehousing, handling and shipping legislation requirements
  • Ability to gather and analyse data and to work with figures
  • Excel expertise to allow reporting to be provided regularly and allow in-depth interrogation
  • Solid judgment with the ability to make good decisions
  • Strong leadership capabilities

Qualifications and Experience

  • Must have more than five years of work related experience
  • Must have solid experience in Procurement and Inventory Management


If you believe you have the skills and experience required to work for Sunpower Group Holdings as a Logistics & Procurement Manager, please submit your cover letter and CV here